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Avatar is a mobile app based on the principles of all-round self-development of a personality using gamification techniques and a system of rewards for achievements within four parameters: Mind, Body, Soul and Karma. The user creates his digital avatar, which he can develop, “level up” like in a computer game, performing actions in real life (aimed at both public good, volunteering, for example, and self-development).

The development of an individual within the “Avatar” takes place within the framework of four parameters: Mind (intellectual development, education, enlightenment), Body (sports, health, physical activity), Soul (spiritual development and culture) and Karma (public good, volunteerism, social activity). The application includes an “events” section, which are ranked according to the relevant parameters, and for participation in which rating and achievement points are awarded (as a competitive element) and points that the user can later spend on goods and services from members of the partner ecosystem.

Avatar for Android:

Avatar for iOS: