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Spiral dynamics and integral theory

Spiral dynamics is the latest holistic theory developed by K. Graves, D. Beck and K.
Cowan, subsequently refined by Ken Wilber, a philosophical analogue of the “theory
of everything”, and, as its authors themselves say, the “holy grail” that can explain
many processes , from human relations to world politics. The concept of spiral
dynamics is a system of levels of consciousness, the so-called memes, denoted by
different colors and having their own unique characteristics. The authors of the
concept believe that human consciousness develops in a spiral, where each next level
includes all the previous ones.

First tier levels:

  • Beige – survival, basic instincts, physicality
  • Purple – clan, tribe, mystical consciousness
  • Red – power, self-centeredness, struggle, protection of reputation and preservation of
  • “face”
  • Blue – system, dogmatism, order, sacrifice, collectivism
  • Orange – competition, material values, improving the quality of life,
  • Green – self-examination, introspection, consensus, harmony with nature, social
  • justice, resource allocation
  • Second tier levels (integral):
  • Yellow – flexibility, search for a harmonious combination of contradictory truths,
  • open integrative systems, personal freedom without harm to others, consideration of
  • the interests of all
  • Turquoise – harmonization of a strong team of people, the benefit of all living beings
  • as integrated systems, empowerment of the human mind / brain, minimalism (less is
  • better).

The applied meaning of the concept is to explain various processes and find optimal
solutions, taking into account the peculiarities of the levels of consciousness of the
actors in a given situation. The global goal is to gradually bring humanity to the
integral levels of the second tier, as the most harmonious and taking into account the
interests and needs of all. At the same time, despite the apparent simplicity, one or
another level cannot be perceived as good or bad – all of them must be present in
everyone to one degree or another.

For example, despite the fact that the beige level, is presented as primitive, primeval,
but it is it that is responsible for physicality, and, not being able to “turn on” the beige
part of his consciousness, a person will not be able to adequately take care of his
health and physical comfort. Red, with all the seeming militancy, with the right
handling, helps to defend one’s principles, to defend the borders. Orange, with
imaginary selfishness, helps to achieve goals and career heights, etc. And then – the
integral levels as the improvement of the level of consciousness of mankind for the
benefit of its own development, both in the physical and spiritual sense, and the
preservation of the planet.

Striving for integral levels of consciousness requires an integral approach. An
integral approach to science, society, a person affects all aspects of human activity
and seeks to synthesize various methods and theories into a single complex model to
compile a more complete, three-dimensional picture of the world. The most famous
representative of the integral approach is K. Wilber.

We adhere to an integral approach in all our projects and activities, and we believe
that the harmonious development of many systems, including social relations, can be
achieved with the help of an integral approach and the use of interdisciplinary
methods in science.